Green & Eco-Friendly Holidays


Getting around the Lake District without a car is probably a lot easier than you think.
But from time to time, there might be places you want to visit or journeys you want to make where a car is still the obvious solution.
So if you’re going to use a car, you can now use electric or low-emission cars, available right here for as little as £6 an hour.
So PAYD (pay-as-you-drive) cars – along with buses, boats, bikes and boots – now mean that you might not need to bring your own car next visit - and still have a fantastic time. It might sound strange, but using PAYD cars along with buses, boats & bikes really does mean you’ll drive less and see more!

Funky electric 2-seaters will put a smile on your face and let you explore the nooks and crannies of the Lake District like you’ve never done before.When was the last time you drove a silent car with no windows? Hear the sheep and the rustle of the leaves, all while knowing that you aren’t polluting the fabulous Lake District.

Say hello to the future, and give a Twizy a spin.
Where: Langdale Hotel & Spa
How Much: £30 for 3 hours


In beautiful tourist areas fleets of electric bicycles for hire are bringing the simple pleasure of cycling within everyone’s reach. It’s cycling, but not as we know it. Electric bicycles dismiss headwinds and flatten hills. Now everyone can enjoy the great outdoors on two wheels.
Daily rates for hire are £25.00 per full day/£20.00 per half day for Electric Bikes and £20.00 per full day/£15.00 per half day for Mountain Bikes. We also have a couple of 24 inch youth bikes available for hire too (£15.00/£10.00)